Everything mobile.

Providing mobile services for an ever growing client base.

User acquisition

Consumers and customers are more aware than ever. They do not only expect brands and businesses to be visible but to also understand their expectations and engage them with meaningful conversations. That is why Veloxbit’s strategic approach merges analytics, insights, automation, and creativity to showcase your brand’s, its products, and operations.


Reach out to your client base through various avenues of communications from MT termination to advanced messaging and direct B2C communications solutions.


Improve your insights, funnels and user access through ever improving analytics and targeting options. speed accuracy and large data processing capabilities gives our customers the options to decrease costs and grow ever faster.

For businesses

Need to reach to your client base?
Combine our SMS termination lookup and testing solutions to cheaply and reliably interact with your users and clients.

Speed is the game accuracy is the prize.

We handle a lot of traffic, use our load handling capabilities alongside with real time analytics, and monetize, target, and improve funnels on your traffic.

For end users

Love great content? We offer a broad selection of high quality games to choose from. Our games are available to you as applications, either for Android or iOS-based mobile devices. You can easily find the game suitable for your phone, since our library has every game that exists on the market: from games that can run on very specific phones to games based on html5.

B2C Solutions

SMS Messaging API

Simple and intuitive messaging APIs that allow our clients to easily reach out to their user base.


Easily connect with multiple platforms and quality publishers. With our global inventory you can now reach the right audience, at the right time in the right place.


Use your traffic and our powerful analytics tools and load balancing capabilities to grow your business.

Our brands

RockAdRoll is an intelligent mobile advertising agency designed to help technology companies reach global growth.

Powerful real-time analytics, competitive prices and high availability allow you to be on top of your spending and resource management.